Marlian Records chief Naira Marley has responded to the video posted by Mohbad over claims that he was assaulted and beaten by the Marlian crew at Naira Marley Marlian House.

Naira Marley reacts: The Marlian Label chief has hosted a live Instagram session where he narrated what transpired with Mohbad. According to Naira, Mohbad arrived at the Marley house thoroughly intoxicated from an unidentifiable stimulant which is known to make him aggressive

Naira revealed that Mohbad had a misunderstanding with his Manager called Tunde whom he wanted to change. Naira stated that he never objected to the managerial change and that Tunde was not his brother as Mohbad claimed.

Naira went on to narrate how Mohbad sought Tunde out to fight him and all effort to restrain him was resisted. He also revealed that Mohbad repeatedly bites of one the people who tried to restrain him.

“It’s all lies” Mohbad Counters: Mohbad responded to Naira Marley’s claims in the live Instagram video and insisted that his claims were false.

According to Mohbad, the video was an attempt to make him look like his action were fueled by drugs and he was overreacting.

“Everything he said on the live video is a blatant lie. This isn’t the first time. The last video was made out to look like I was high or overreacting. My life is being severely threatened.”

“All issues will be resolved amicably within the label”: Naira Marley has revealed that the public shouldn’t worry about Mohbad’s claim as he had a history of acting irrationally when high.

He further revealed that the issue is an inhouse one and it will be resolved amicably within the label.

“Mohbad has a history of getting intoxicated which affects his emotions and actions. #ImNotPerfect However, all issues would be resolved amicably within the record label.”

October 6, 2022

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