A Nigerian woman, Hajara Shu’aibu, has been hailed as the most fertile in the country following her quintuplets delivery The woman who has been married for 21 years had given birth to twins twice and nine single babies before now The mother of 18 who had all her delivery at home has opened up on her fertility and the possibility of adding to the numbers.

A woman in Katsina state identified as Hajara Shu’aibu now has a total of 18 children after welcoming quintuplets at home on Wednesday, October 5. Hajara who is being regarded by many in her community as the most fertile woman in Nigeria has been married to a farmer for the past 21 years and had all the kids with him.

The 35-year-old had previously delivered nine single babies and twins twice, all at home.

“Na for house I born, na afta dem carry me go hospital wia dem infuse blood for me and tell me to rest, all my previous births too na for house.” All my children na for house I dey born dem without single operation,” she told BBC in Pidgin.

Is there a secret to Hajara’s fertility?

Speaking on her recent delivery, the mother of 18 said the newborns were taken to Funtua General Hospital, Katsina after her home delivery. On her arrival at the hospital, she was given more blood but lost two of the kids. On why she is so fertile, the stay-at-home mum ascribed it to God. According to her, she does not do anything different or follow any special meal plan.

October 11, 2022

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