President Macron of France plays the talking drum with Ara Thunder(The full video)

For the burgeoning career of female talking drum exponent known as Ara Thunder, her moment with President Emmanuel Macron of France during his last visit to Nigeria was a landmark achievement.

Macron had chosen the New Afrika Shrine, home of late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, as venue of his cultural interaction with the arts and entertainment community, and Ara Thunder grabbed the opportunity with both hands by showing her innate talent to the world.

As the night went down with some of the most colourful and rich display of Nigerian music, art, fashion and theatrical pieces, one of the special groups that entertained on that night was Atunda Entertainment with its three talented musical stars, Anu the Lady Ekwe, Olo omidan Bata and Ara Thunder – all three female performers who are proficient the men-dominated percussions – ekwe, talking drum and bata drum, entertaining the French president with their sonorous voices and dexterity on their respectively coveted instruments.