On Tuesday, October 4, street-hop sensation Mohbad posted clips of an alleged assault he suffered at the hands of the Marlian Crew after he requested to change his manager.

The post gathered a lot of attention and raised many eyebrows as this was not the first time the artiste had come online to talk about the record label being after his life.

Not long after his tweet surfaced on the internet, his boss, Naira Marley, responded by saying that the artiste was lying. He claimed that Mohbad had a history of getting violent whenever he was intoxicated and that is what caused the uproar.

Mohbad released a full statement on Twitter yesterday, October 6, saying that the label owner’s story is false and it is disrespectful for him to sell the narrative of him being intoxicated every time they assault him.

“The events of the last two days have left indelible scars in my heart. I have always just wanted to create good music and to provide for my family and myself through my music. As an Artiste from the street, I thought the Marlian Family would be a good place for me.

However, recent events and certain truths have come to light which threaten my peace, health and career. Because of these issues, I informed Naira Marley on the Marlian WhatsApp group chat of my intention to change my manager. This didn’t go down well with my current Manager Tunde (His Brother).

There were instant angry outbursts and protests from him in the chat. I went to Naira Marley’s house with my Producer and my friend on the 4th of October, 2022, to have this conversation and reach a peaceful resolution.

We were in the studio, and Some of the guys who work with Naira- Sid, Shuddy, Seyi and others- were present, as well as Naira and Tunde. I noticed Tunde was quite agitated as we started the discussion. In the middle of the conversation, Tunde became violent and attacked me.

The guys I was with were also attacked, humiliated and stripped naked by Sid, Shuddy and Seyi and some of the other boys. We were barely able to escape. 3 of us had to be checked into the hospital to get medical care for the injuries sustained during the assault.

Naira Marley was fully present throughout this event, and in fact, coordinated some of the attack as he instructed the boys to beat us up. Some of this was captured on video.

It is therefore disrespectful for Naira Marley to insinuate that I started the attack because I was intoxicated as he is fully aware of the facts and circumstances surrounding this violent attack.

It is not the first time Naira has lied to push his own narrative, but it will hopefully be the last. I trust that soon, justice will be served. Thank you all for your support”

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Other artistes like Bella Shmurda have also entered the discussion in response to these worries and said that the record company had made the situation of singer Mohbad worse.

According to him, a label is not intended for that purpose and should instead encourage an artist’s growth.

October 8, 2022

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