A deportee from the United Kingdom is said to have soiled an airline ticket in order to be sent to Nigeria The incident led the airline to postpone the flight for more than five hours as personnel cleaned up the plane The United Kingdom has increased its efforts to expel illegal immigrants and essentially barred them from seeking asylum.

A Twitter user, @ImaniDH_, has recounted how a trip from London to Lagos was delayed because a Nigerian deportee on board “smeared poo all over the plane.” She added that the deportee’s actions caused her cousin’s trip back to Nigeria to be delayed on Friday.

According to her, a relative was on his way, but his flight was delayed because someone was deported and chose to defecate all over the plane.

FIJ reports that another twitter user @Y_Etuh1, said the Nigerian had emerged from the restroom naked. “Fact Check: This is very true, he even came out of the toilet naked,” he wrote. The Nigerian was said to have landed in the UK from Turkey without documentation, hence his deportation via the British Airways BA 075 flight.

He stripped to the waist and stooled in the food area before rolling in the poo and throwing it everywhere.

He was subsequently arrested and taken off the plane. The flight, which was scheduled for 11:20 am, couldn’t take off until 4:34 pm.

@ImaniDH_ reacts: “No one can end a Nigerians JAPA”

CocoLush says: “Desperate times call for desperate measures”

October 11, 2022

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